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Question: Will my boyfriend know the Gps Tracking Device is in the car?
Answer: No, the device is completely hidden and no sounds come from it, the only way he will find out is if you give it away too soon. Patience is the key!

Question: Will I know when he leaves his job, even while I am sleeping at night?
Answer: Yes, with Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracking with geofence technology, you will know every time he enters or leaves his job.

Question: Do I have to Buy some $300 device to track my boyfriends car?
Answer: No, in fact we have Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracking devices as low as $80


Question: Do I have to be able to drive my boyfriens car to you in order to track his vehicle?                                                                                                                                                              Answer: No Baby Daddy Tracker also has Real-Time GPS Tracking devices that fit in the palm of your hand, that have an on-board battery and can be placed anywhere in the vehicle anytime.  Just hide it, log in to your account and track his every movement with unlimited tracking

Question: Is there some outrageous monthly fee for this GPS Tracking service?
Answer: On the contrary, several of our Real-Time GPS Tracking Devices have NO monthly fee's at all, some have very low monthly fee's and unlimited tracking capabilities. It's really all on your individual needs. Baby Daddy Tracker even offer monthly rental plans with very low rates, to prevent you from buying something you may only need for a month or two.

Question: What if I can't catch him in the act with GPS Tracking only?
Answer: Baby Daddy Tracker has fully Licensed and highly trained private investigators ready to gather all the needed info, including video and pics. But in most cases you will be able to obtain all the info you need to catch him in the act with Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices.

Question: Is vehicle GPS Tracking actually accurate
Answer: Yes absolutely, Our vehicle GPS Tracking Devices are accurate to within 20ft, and with the bird's eye view mapping system, it is very hard to not know where he is.  If you add in the cell phone monitoring software, you can know his every move and every call, contact, text and chat on his phone.



I put a Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracking Device on my boyfriends car after seeing a text message from another female. I suspected something was going on, but I needed to have more proof before showing my hand. After only 3 days of watching his movements, I was able to catch him in several lies about where he was. When he called me and told me he had to work late, I told him ok, I am going to Bed. This has happened on several occasions, so he didn't suspect a thing when i got into my car and drove to where the GPS Tracking device told me his car was. Sure enough, he was over some Stank's house getting it on. Caught red handed. Thanks Baby Daddy Tracker for making it so easy to see what kind of a man I had.

Free at Last, GA

My Husband and I have not had the best relationship in the world, we both messed around when we were younger, but 15 years, 1000 promises, and 3 children later, I was hoping that things had changed. My husband is a truck driver, so he is gone most of the time, seems like even more in the past few months. He hasn't had nearly enough money to support the amount of hours he is stating that he is working. I trully didn't want to think he was back to his old tricks. I had to be sure, so I called Baby Daddy Tracker. I told them he was a truck driver and gone out of state most of the time, they suggested using a cell phone monitoring software and a battery operated device that didnt have to be installed in the truck, since i wouldn't be able to get it to them to install it. I stuck the device in the truck and installed the software on his phone while he was in the shower, he never noticed a thing. Next morning he left out for a 3 day run. After only 1 hour of being gone he started having text messages with someone with a 832 area code saying he was almost there to pick her up. 832? that is our area code. My blood pressure went up instantly, but i couldn't let him know i knew yet. I kept a close eye on where the truck went for the next 30 minutes on the Real-Time GPS Tracking Device, it went about 10 miles from our house and made a quick stop, then procceeded to park at a motel just on the outskirts of town. I called my brothers and cousins and went right up to that motel, ripped the wig off the skinny B**** and beat the mess ut of my husband. Needless to say, I won in court and now collect Child support every month and won full custody of our children. Thank you Baby daddy Tracker for getting rid of the garbage in my life.

Not Anymore, TX

I suspected my Baby Daddy of cheating when he wouldn't be intimate with me anymore. He said it was because he didn't feel comfortable after seeing his daughter come out of me, but I knew that was a line of crap. He has another child with another woman that he was still messing with when we met. He asked me to marry him and told me he wanted to be with me forever, I fell for it. He started acting real strange and staying out late, I knew something was up, but he always denied it and said it would only be me and his daughter forever. I called Baby daddy Tracker because I couldnt live without knowing the truth. After speaking with one of their tracking experts, they guided me towards buying a Real-Time vehicle GPS tracking device for my car, which is the only car we have, so if he drives, he drives my car. Everything seemed normal on the GPS for about a week, he went to work and came home at normal hours. They asked me if I would feel comfortable installing a Mobile Phone monitoring software, said if he sent text messages or sends pic's to another woman that I would know, even if he deleted them before comming home. I gave it a try. I was absolutely shocked at what I read between him and another co worker at his job, but it wasn't a female, it was his Boss. Can't wait til we can get everyone out tonight? What could that mean. Sounded sick to me, but I wasn't sure what was going on. After talking back to Baby Daddy Tracker, they suggested doing some surveillance to see if we could get a better feel for what they are doing. The Private Detective showed me photo's and video they obtained, not only from camera's and video recorders, but from my Baby Daddy's own cell phone. Now I know my baby daddy is Bi-sexual, and he pays my daughters child support regualrly. we dont talk anymore. Thank you Baby Daddy Tracker for Being my eyes.

Single and Ready to Mingle, MI

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